Explore and more!

We have been very busy and we are sorry we have not blogged before now!


Ash Dykes came to visit us, we found out that he has explored Mongolia. We looked at some of his equipment that he takes with him, he showed us some photos and a video of him in Mongolia. This  visit has helped us with our topic of finding out about 2 explorer: Neil Armstrong and Christopher Columbus.

In literacy we have been dropped in the pit. Mrs B asked us to write a story. We have been working hard to improve on our first story draft by using adjectives.

In numeracy we have been collecting data to find out which is the most popular drink and how many drinks we would need to serve in our ‘pop up’ theatre.

On Friday we had a new friend who came to visit us for the afternoon and he will  be joining us soon.

Turn up Ted is spending the week with us as we had the highest attendance AND we won the PE trophy whoop whoop!

Helping hands this week are: Jakub and Ethan