Exciting Exhibition and Fractions Fun!

The last few weeks have been very busy for us in 2B. We are busy preparing for our UK exhibition which we hope you will all be able to come to. We are building some of the iconic landmarks from around the UK.
We have finished our book The Lonely Beast, we finished by writing stories about how The Lonely Beast meets lots of new friends. We are currently writing an information report about the Giants Causeway. Do you know where this is? If you don’t then come to our exhibition to find out!

In maths we have been exploring fractions, the photo show some of us completing a challenge, the challenge was to share 3 lengths of ribbon between 2 people equally. It definitely made us think and discuss how to do this.

We would like to thank all the parents who have come in to hear their child read on a Tuesday and Thursday. Please keep coming in we really like to see you!