Bournville Primary School welcomes its duties under the Single Equality Policy 18-19

These duties reflect our core aims and values.

We are committed to:

 promoting equality of opportunity
 promoting good relations between members of different racial, cultural and religious groups and
 eliminating unlawful discrimination

This policy sets out our commitment to tackle discrimination whether direct or indirect, individual or
institutional and promoting equality of opportunity and good relations across all areas of school
activities, including our dealing with parents and the community.

At Bournville Primary School we will continuously strive to ensure that everyone in our school is
treated with respect and dignity. Each person in our school will be given fair and equal opportunities
to develop their full potential with positive regard to gender, ethnicity, cultural and religious
background, age, sexuality or disability.

The School is committed to promoting good relations between persons of different groups and
avoiding discrimination, whether direct or indirect. The school will actively promote equality, oppose
discrimination in all its forms and foster positive attitudes, respect, equality and partnership as we
work with pupils, parents, carers and the wider community.