Eid Mubarak

Hello Penguin and Seal followers

Today we had a visit from Mrs Ali (Mahiya’s mum) to talk to us all about the Muslim celebration ‘Eid-Ul-Adha’ which took place this month.  Mahiya and her family are Bangladeshi.

During this special celebration we learnt about how Muslims give their loved ones Eid greetings with cards and presents.  ‘Eid Mubarak’ means “have a blessed Eid’.

We learnt that ladies wear ‘Sarees’ and men wear ‘Punjabi’s’.  Mahiya showed us her beautiful ‘Salwar Kameez’ and her sparkly matching jewellery which they only wear for special occasions such as Eid and Weddings.  Mrs Ali showed us a photo of Mahiya’s little brother Zahir wearing his pujabi and a special hat that has been handed down the generations from his grandmother in Bangladesh called a ‘Tohki’.

Mrs Ali talked about how there is a period of time when Muslims fast for a whole month (as its the holy moth of sacrifice).  They are only allowed to eat and drink when the sun goes down.  So when the month of fasting ends families celebrate by having lots of delicious food and have a party. 

All of us learnt a lot about Muslim religion and their celebrations.

For the rest of the week we are going to be busy playing in our playdough café and learning about Autumn and the seasonal changes that take place.  We will be leaf printing and making leaf collages.  Our stories this week are ‘The Little red Hen’ and ‘The Three Little Pigs’.

Catch up soon…

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