DT week!

We have had a very busy week! Despite that Maria said, “Its not like learning because we were doing fun stuff!”

The main focus of the week has been DT with an aim to make kites to celebrate Chinese new year. We flew kites on Monday (as best we could with such little wind!) Rio enjoyed this saying he had heard of a kite before but never seen one. He didn’t know they could be so colourful.  We then took the kites apart so we could identify the main components to help us design our own. We created a design, made models and then made our own kites. We needed to use hacksaws to cut the wood. It was the first time Lukas had used a  saw. There was a choice of materials and all of our kites looked different. After testing them, we evaluated and made changes to improve our design. We still need to retest our improved kites and fingers crossed they fly better.DSCF2588

We have also made clay pots ready for an Art show that we will be holding early next term. They have been influenced by our learning of the Romans.

Here are some photos of our week:IMG_1841     DSCF2650

DSCF2678  DSCF2680
IMG_1961   IMG_1960

IMG_1984  IMG_1897

IMG_1970  IMG_1994