Dreidel, dreidel, dreidel!

Today, we made dreidels out of clay.  When they’re dried and ready (over this weekend) then driedels we will play!  Driedels are toys that Jewish children play with.  It’s all to do with our culture day this Monday about Hannukah which is a Jewish festival of light.  We are really looking forward to learning how to play with our dreidels on Monday amongst other things!.

In other news, we made life-size 1980s room.  It had a TV, LP player, a real person in it and some posters from the 1980s.  Parents came to see the room and below are some pictures of it

Here’s our comments on the 1980s room:

“It was great that we made a life-size 1980s room!” declared Angel.

“I thought the 1980s room was fantastic, ” said Shane.

“I liked how Adam made the LP for the LP player,” commented Amy.


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