Dramatic Days!

Since last week, we have read more of our fantastic book, “Wolf Brother”. The hero, Torak, has been captured by a rival clan and he has discovered that he may be The Listener! We don’t really know exactly what that means at the moment but we are looking forward to finding out.  To try to understand more about the characters, we did some drama, putting ourselves in Torak’s shoes as he fought with Hord.This helped us to understand the characters’ emotions and it will help with our letter-writing as we feel like we were there!

IMG_1783IMG_1782IMG_1781IMG_1780 In maths, we continued with fractions. We ordered them and put them biggest to smallest. At the start it was hard but when we got the hang of it we found it easier . Some people found it easy the whole way through but not all of us!

We have just returned from assembly and are pleased to announce that we have won the P.E. trophy again! We are very pleased with ourselves and feel that the trophy should stay here forever!

Lastly, we had an amazing assembly yesterday because Miss Thorne showed us videos of her winning the National Championships in Liverpool last November. Jess thinks that Miss Thorne must be extremely brave to jump those heights and Kai thinks that she must have put a lot of effort into her horse-riding. We are all very proud and happy about her achievements.

All for now!