Don’t eat too much sugar!

Following on from last week we continued to observe decay and changes over time.

We acquired an old tooth.  Our teachers put the tooth and penny into a jar of Coca-Cola.  We discussed that Coca-Cola has lots of sugar in it and went on to discuss what other foods contained large amount of sugar.

Sam said “If you eat too much sugar your teeth will fall out and you will look like a Grandpa!”

Maddie said that “squash and lemonade” had lots of sugar in it.

We the made some predictions about what would happen when you put a tooth in coke?

Vinnie said “it will disappear”

“It will go black and dissolve” said Lacey and William.

“It might go up in the roof” said Olly

“It will get stuck” said Lola

“It will float” said Jayden and Kyran

“The tooth fairy will come” said Lucian

“Its going to turn black and die because the Coca-Cola is black and when you take it out again it will go white” said Lola-May

We observed the tooth all week in our science lab and then after four days we got the tooth out to look at.

These were our findings…

“Looks like a bean” said Vinny

“Gone brown” said Lacey and Maddie

“Looks like honey” said Sam

“It will turn brown” said Lucian

“Its turning black and brown” said Jayden,

We concluded that this is what would happen to our teeth if we ate too much sugary food and we discussed the importance of cleaning our teeth regularly.