Doki Doki

“This game is not suitable for children or those who are easily disturbed.” Direct quote from Doki Doki Game Store

OK, so we know we talk about online safety and gaming rather a lot, but its really important and it’s not going to go away so it’s important that we keep up-to-date with things, to keep us all safe online, both children and adults.We encourage this to be a two way conversation so please do get in touch if you have something constructive to say.

If you do not wish to say anything on here, you can log an anonymous report using the link on or email [email protected] talk to your class teachers who can discuss issues with Online Safety Lead in School, Mrs. Cherry and Designated Teacher for Safeguarding in School is Mrs. Chaffey.

Today, we are going to mention ‘Doki Doki’. WARNING – There is reference to adult themes and language on the link. But it’s worth a read for an independent look at what the game is actually about. 

(Thanks also to BBC Children in Need – South and West team have been in touch about this game too)