Dinosaur Zoo Live!

Hello Penguin followers!!

We have had a fab week going on our first school trip to the Weston Playhouse to watch ‘Dinosaur Zoo Live’.

It was great the children loved watching the show which had the most realistic puppets.  They were quite scary but we knew they were not real! Some of us got up on the stage to take part in the show.  Lillie had to feed the dinosaur some flowers and Amanda nearly got her head eaten!  

When we got to back to school we were inspired to write our own dinosaur fact books and looked at the non-fiction books to find out more dinosaur facts.  Dawid chose to make his own non-fiction dinosaur book and used his phonics to write down facts.  He even numbered his pages! Well done Dawid ! He got a certificate this week in celebration assembly.

Next week we are out and about again on another school trip to the Seaquarium.  So keep posted !!