Diary time!

This week, we’ve been looking at diary entries again finding out what they’re all about and punctuation to use with them.  We have also been working towards our Better Writing goals of writing in paragraphs!


In maths, we have been doing sums and subtractions.  If you were doing mild, you could use a number line, spicy jotting things down or hot you had to do it in your head!  We have also been doing partitioning and recombining.

In French, we have been learning how to say new phrases like:

stand up, sit down, girls, boys, listen and ask for people’s names.


In reading workshop, we have been learning to use a thesaurus.


In computing, we have been programming a sprite to move forwards and backwards.  We also got it to flip around!

We are coming to the end of our Power of Reading project about ‘Belonging’.  We noticed a shifty looking character by Tracy’s birthday party and thought he was a spy.  We had all sorts of imaginative ideas about why he was there!