Diamond teeth

On Monday we saw a theatre show about teeth, bones and muscles. Alice Mu joined in the show, pulling the muscles strings.  Jasmyn said that it was scary at the end because a skeleton popped out and everyone started to scream!

Also we won our first class diamond by remembering to keep ALL of our coats on the peg ALL week. This week we have agreed to ‘Keep our OWN tables tidy’ for the next diamond. We’ll let you know next week how it goes! (“Diamonds are the best!” said Piper.)

Well done to Debbie for becoming our new ‘improver of the week’ in her times tables and number bonds.

We started our new book Krindlekrax. One of the characters, Elvis, is not very friendly. We think that he will end up in trouble before the end of the book. (But we don’t know what sort of trouble!)