Dem bones

We started the week with a science day! We received a letter from the Healthy Living Centre asking us to help them because they were having a bit of a crisis so, with the help of Miss Edwards, Mrs Paddon, Mrs Charles and Mr Stansfield, we engaged in some fun and interesting science activities which we will be able to tell the Healthy Living Centre all about. We spent time in our own class learning about bones and the skeleton, time in 4b learning out nutrition and healthy eating, time in 3b learning about teeth and time in 3a learning about the digestive system. It was a great day filled with fun and learning.

This week, we have also started our new book ‘Varjak Paw.’ We have only read the first 3 chapters so we do not know much about the story yet but what we do know is that there might be a bit of a problem because the family of Mesopotamian Blues think Contessa is dead and are not sure what is going to happen to them! We have spent time trying to empathise with the characters and think about their personalities through drama work and have also written a diary entry as Varjak himself.

In maths we have moved onto perimeter and we now all know that perimeter is the measurement around the outside. We have been measuring and calculating perimeter of lots of weird and wonderful shapes and have even been using a very interesting word; rectilinear!

Have a good weekend 4a fans.