Day at the Museum


Last Friday, we had an amazing visit to the Royal Navy Fleet Air Museum in Yeovil. Although it was a long journey, it was worth it! We saw some fantastic old aeroplanes (including Concorde!) and helicopters.


We had to plan meals for Mr Stansfield using only the rations allowed for a week in WWII times which was extremely difficult especially since we had to include a birthday cake as well. As part of ‘Make do and Mend’ we made ration book containers out of old blankets.




Our class worked in teams to build the main places along Lizard Street from Krindlekrax. Bad news too, in Krindlekrax, Corky died! Ruskin is very upset and wants to sort out Krindlekrax once and for all. We have been writing a discussion text about whether or not Ruskin should go into the sewer and try to tame Krindlekrax… we are undecided!