Crazy Characters in 4a

On Thursday 2nd March it was World Book Day and we joined with 2a to share books. We were also allowed to dress up as our favourite book characters. We had lots of different characters in our class including Julia who was Peter Pan’s shadow.

In Science we have finished our light topic. Our final investigation was to see how shadows change over time. We used a light arch to measure shadows from 6am until 6pm. We recorded this as a bar chart and one group impressed Miss Edwards so much that they took a trip to Mrs Berry. We have moved now onto the topic; Sound. We started this topic by exploring what happens when you put rice on instruments and bang gently or hard.

In English we have started a new book called ‘I Was a Rat.’ We think this is a funny book! We did a fun activity in the classroom where we had to find pictures to answer questions. This then helped us to summarise the main points of the first chapter. We have also thought about Roger’s (the main characters) appearance and feelings.

In Maths we have been looking at decimals. Did you know 0.15 is the same as 15/100?

Lots of us are moving up on our number bonds and times tables. We are happy about this and Miss Edwards is very proud of us.