Craft Week

Last week was great fun! We did lots of exciting art and craft activies linked to our new topic-‘If you go down to the woods…’

The shadow theatre and puppets helped us retell the story of The Gruffalo.

100_3009100_3012  100_3014

After collecting some leaves we stuck them to card and covered in foil. Next we painted them black and rubbed down when it was dry. A ‘tarnished silver’ leaf was revealed.

100_3000 100_2988 100_3004

The paper mache owls got us  ( and Mrs Newberry) very messy but they looked very cute when we painted them.

100_3005 100_3008 100_3022 100_3039

For the art exhibition we made a ‘Lunchosaurus’ with 2a. It is made from one days packed lunch and fruit rubbish. Make sure you see him in the reception as he will soon be extinct!


We also painted pebbles and designed and made totem poles.

100_3002100_3026 100_3041 100_3043