Cookie by Jacqueline Wilson. Review by Ruth.


Description: Beauty is constantly teased at her school as all the girls think her name is ridiculous, but, just as bad, is her father’s horrible attitude. Just as Beauty thinks her life may be improving, she has to face a drastic change in her life and may have to say goodbye to her (not) ‘Happy Home’! Will she come out as the same sweet character and adopt a new nick-name- Cookie?

Opinion: This book is gripping and, at times, painful. You can really interact with the characters! Like all of Jacqueline Wilson’s books, it’s extremely realistic and believable. Funny and thoughtful, Rhona (Beauty’s only friend) is one of my favourite characters and Cookie (Beauty) is, of course, my other. I recommend this book to mature readers of eight to twelve years. Overall, I think this is an amazing book and I’m sure it will be always firmly placed on my mental favourites list!

Rating: 5 stars!