Christmas is coming!

Hello 6b fans,

We hope that you all had a great week and are beginning to feel festive. Christmas arrived this week and we were extremely lucky to have the Old Vic come into school and perform The Nativity for us all, they were so talented and told the Christmas story beautifully. Not only were they all brilliant actors but singers and musicians too-we couldn’t believe how many different types of recorders there are!

This week we were also able to visit the Life Skills centre on Bristol. Nobody knew what to expect and we were amazed by what the centre had to offer. We all left with new knoweldge of how to be safe in life and how to use the new life skills that we have learnt in the future if needed.

We have another busy week of Christmas celebrations ahead of us.

Our Christmas choir will be singing at BHS on Monday morning and Thursday morning as well as in ASDA on Monday afternoon…please come and support us!