Children in Need by the School Council

The whole school participated in our Children in Need event and we managed to raise a record total of just over £1,000 – so a big thank you to all the children, family and friends who supported the event.

Children in Need week was launched in assembly on Monday where the School Council explained how some of the money is used (including the £150,000 grant XTND received for the breakfast and after school club). They also announced all the competitions and events that they had organised for the forthcoming week.

Cover the Pudsey Bear in coins raised £170. This was a competition to see which class could cover the most bears with pennies. The overall winner was 5A who covered an amazing 60 bears.

On Thursday afternoon, the Upper School Council were busy in the kitchen making cakes for the sale on Friday, which raised over £100.

On the Friday, the whole school went spotty and children dressed in their favourite spots to celebrate the day.

The Lower School Council successfully hosted their first ever sponsored triathlon. The children all participated in a lap around the playground – some chose to walk but the majority decided to sprint around. This was followed by another lap of the playground but this time it was on the didi cars. Due to lack of swimming facilities, the final event was substituted with a round of archery. A big thank you to Mr M who ensured that all children received high quality coaching session beforehand. All the children were sponsored for their amazing efforts and raised an impressive amount. The winning class was 2a who raised over £75. However, there was a late donation from Anaya in Penguins who managed to raise a staggering £74 on her own – a true fundraising champion!

Upper School Council decided to be very enterprising and set up their own fete stalls to entertain each other. Although they didn’t raise as much money, they took complete responsibility for designing, creating and running their stalls. The class that raised the most money for was 4a who raised just over £36.

A brilliant fundraising event and well done to the School Council for their ideas and a big thank you to everyone for supporting them.