Challenges galore!

Hello 4a fans!

In history we tried to make pyramids in teams. We found out about how pyramids were made in ancient Eygpt then had to try to make our own from wooden blocks. The pyramid had to be hollow, at least 15 cm and survive a wobble test! It was great fun and there was lots of great team work.

This week we have been writing our persuasvie leaflet to try and get Varjak’s family to live outside. We looked at lots of other leaflets and wrote a persuasive leaflet success criteria. We planned our leaflets and have started writing. We spent a lesson improving our work. Kira said “Mine is looking fabulous!”

In maths we have been learning about fractions. We learned about which fractions were the biggest and put them in size order. Would you prefer 1/10 of a cake or 1/2 of a cake? We want 1/2 becasue it is the biggest!

In science we made helicopters and did a test about them. We changed one thing about the helicopter and made a prediction about what might happen. Then we tested it! Callum said “It was very fun.”

This morning was open morning and lots of parents came. We made canopic jars out of salt dough. Juliette thought it was going to be very hard but actually it was not! Next week we will paint them so they are ready to go in our Egpytian museum.

Horray! 4a won the PE trophy today in assembly!

Au revoir until next week 4a fans. SAM_1117