This week we have been celebrating Bonfire Night and Diwali. We have been learning about adjectives and making our sentences interesting. We looked at different types of poems and patterns. First we thought of lots of good adjectives and then we used them to write our firework poems. You can read them on the giant rocket in our classroom.

diwali 044 diwali 045 diwali 046 diwali 047

On Thursday we learned about Diwali and did lots of fun activities-Menhdi hands, Rangoli patterns, Diwali feet and food tasting.

Chloe-It was tasty.

Phoenix-I liked the spicy one.

Jackson -The mango chutney was nice.

Isobel-I didn’t want to try it but it was tasty.

diwali 041 diwali 042

diwali 039 diwali 034