Catching up on 4a’s news

We are sorry that we haven’t written a blog entry for a while but we have been so busy! Please read this blog post to catch up on what we have been up to.

At the beginning of the term Precious joined us and we are very glad she is now a member of 4a!

In maths this term we have look at multiplication. We looked at 6x, 7x and 9x. Miss Edwards taught us a special trick for the 9x table. We call it the finger trick. We are now moving on to measures. We have started looking at area and will soon be moving onto perimeter. Today we investigated how many maths books, magpie books, reading books & unifix cubes were needed to fill one table.

In English we have been reading The Roman Quest. We have done lots of work based on this book including writing a discussion text, writing a letter & poetry. We spent some time looking at the features of poetry and have focussed on onomatopoeia, repetition, alliteration & simile. We are now publishing our poems and the Pier have asked for some poems to display.

Children in Need
On Friday 18th November, it was Children in Need day. We all dressed up in spotty clothes to help raise money for the charity. The school council did a cake sale and raised lots of money. The cake sale was successful and at break time, when they sold the cakes, there was a huge queue!

Our topic this term has been Romans. We have learnt a lot about the Romans and what they got up to. After a few weeks preparing we put on a Roman museum. It was a huge success and all the other year groups and parents complimented us on what we achieved. we had 6 stalls in our part of the museum. These were: Togas, Dressing up, Colosseum corner, Live statues, Jewellery & Roman Soldier photo booth!

We have been on 2 trips since we last wrote. We walked to the pier to gather some poetry inspiration and it helped us to think like Juba, Fronto and Ursula from our book.
On Friday, we went to Carleon and did lots of fun activities. In the baths we watched 3 short films about cleaning, playing & relaxation. In the museum we saw 3 statues, a gravestone with bones & a skeleton that had a blue tooth. In the amphitheatre we could run around and explore. We saw the ruins of where they would have slept, tried on Roman armour and saw where Romans fought. We even got to lay in the straw and hay beds. Did you know – If you were a girl you did not have to go to school!

We have just started singing our Christmas songs, ready for the carol service. Some of us are hoping to audition to be a narrator or a soloist.

Here are a few photos from the last few weeks!