Can You Feel The Force?

We are so sorry that we haven’t been able to post recently – technical issues again! We are back now and hopefully our problems are over!

In science, we are looking at forces. We investigated gravity and discovered that it is a force that pulls us to the centre of the earth. This week, air resistance was the force under the microscope. We made our own parachutes and did a fair test to see which material encountered the most air resistance – it was paper! The plastic bag was too flimsy and the tissue paper too light. We enjoyed our investigation and it’s on to water resistance next.

We continue to enjoy our class novel, “Street Child” and we are writing an expose about life in the workhouse for children.
In maths we are calculating angles and using protractors to measure accurately.

Unfortunately, we still can’t add any images to our blog, but we shall keep trying!

Remember that swimming starts again for 5a after the holidays!