Bridge making and colour mixing

Hello Penguin followers

This week we have been busy building bridges, colour mixing, exploring doubling and halving in maths and as always learning new digraphs and sight words in phonics.  We even made our own story maps about the 3 Billy Goats.


“Double 8” said Grace


“Balancing” said Honey


Gabe made a really strong bridge and tested it with a large stone “making a bridge, it wasn’t falling down” he said.


“bridge, billy goats gruff” said Albert who made a really interesting bridge that balanced between the unit and table.


Ruby enjoyed colour mixing “pink” she said, “yeah red and white makes pink” said Lillie.


Reece made a troll using the clay “water to stick the ear on” he said.


“I got a big shell ear and grass for hair” said Jake.


“Making a castle” said shyanna.


We also had a story called ‘Hugless Douglas’ by Mrs Wilshire the teacher in Year 6.  She then managed to get all the children in reception their own copy of the story to take home.  We were really excited and thankful for our new books!

See you next week