Bournville vs The World

On Wednesday, we heard some shocking news! Year 5 and 6 had to gather in the hall to watch a breaking news report. We were told that fossil fuels are running out in our life time and that it is our duty to save the world.
We decided that we would abandon our topic that our teachers had planned and make this our topic for term 6 seeing as it is far more important (and interesting). Once we had got our heads around what fossil fuels were, we decided to create an action plan. In 6b some of our ideas were: to tell John Penrose (our local MP), to make posters to persuade people to save energy, to write a survey to ask if people thought saving fossil fuels is a good idea, to campaign for more use of renewable energy, hold an exhibition to explain all the different energies available and create leaflets to inform the public.
Today we researched facts about solar panels, wind turbines and tidal turbines. This afternoon we went outside and we measured 64m to see how high the tower of a wind turbine is – that is longer than 30 children stretched out from toe to finger tips!
Next week, we plan to go to the beach as we think it might be a good place to have wind turbines because it is very windy. We will take photos and dig a metre down to see whether the temperature 4oC, a fact we learnt at John West Renewables. Because wind turbines are noisy and can give you headaches and sleepless nights, we found out that you need to be 300 metres away from the turbines not to hear them. Therefore, we are going to measure how far away the hotels are.
Please check out our blog next week to see how it progresses!!!
Don’t forget to turn off your computer now to save that fossil fuel!