Bournville Hospital

Hello Penguin followers

This week we have been learning about our bodies and how to keep them healthy.  We had a visit on the lifebus and met Harold the Giraffe.  He taught us all about the importance of keeping clean, cleaning our teeth, feeling safe and happy, having a good nights sleep.  We answered lots of questions.  Tristan knew that blood pumped around our body, Lilia knew where our heart was, Ciara knew we had muscles under our skin.

In our classroom we have got Bournville Hosiptal and the children have really enjoyed role-playing with their friends.  Ethan even had a baby delivered safely by Gabriela! In group time we used our phonics to label body parts on a skeleton and we have been looking at non-fiction books all about our bodies and being healthy.

We also have a fruit and veg market and we have been role-playing shops, using real money to buy things!