Bournville Brasserie pops up!

Restaurant 041

Here is Mr Matthews cutting the ribbon and declaring the restaurant open.

This week 1a and 1b opened a restaurant. We invited our grown ups, Mr Matthews and Mrs Chaffey to dine with us.

Before we opened we had lots to do, we made placemats, tablecloths, bunting as well as preparing all the food. We had lots of help from Denise and Ally in the kitchen.

Restaurant 049

Also this week we have been using our senses to help us write poems. We are going to use our polishing pens to write our poems and they will be put on display.

In numeracy we collected data to find out how many people ate pasta and sausage and mash in our restaurant. we put the data into a tally chart and then a pictogram.

Our helping hands this week have been Celeste and Marlena.