Body Magic!

Our new topic started on Monday; Body Magic. We had a fantastic day visiting Mr Stansfield to learn about digestion, Miss Edwards to learn about skeletons and Mrs Charles to learn about nutrition. We needed to do this following a letter from the HLC asking for our help. Monday helped us to decide what we knew so that we could write a report about it. In our classroom, the learning/discussions were about teeth and included how important it was to brush properly. Here are our two volunteers after chewing disclosure tablets so we could see where plaque likes to hide!

IMG_3403 (2) IMG_3404 (2)


We also ate different items to investigate why teeth are  different shapes and what the function was of each type of tooth.

IMG_3411 (2)

IMG_3407 (2)

We are looking forward to learning more!

Not only did we start our body topic but we also started our new text, Varjak Paw. So far we are feeling a bit sorry for him as lots of his family don’t treat him kindly. Drama helped us think about the relationships between family members and then we wrote a diary entry as Varjak. We are becoming more confident in handling money and are using our written subtraction skills to calculate change.