Awesome Art Week

Hello 4a fans!

This week in arts week we have been making trees. We have a recycled tree, nature, calculator and a 4a tree. The 4 trees were our big art installations they are in our courtyard. They are made from mod rock, newspaper, chicken wire and paint.

In arts week have been making huts from our book the Village that Vanished. The first session we tried making the huts from cardboard which was very difficult so Liam suggested making them from paper and cardboard. We are still waiting for them to be judged and will let you know the results.

In arts week we have been learning tribal war dances because in the Village that Vanished we thought they could do a war dance to scare the slavers away. Once we created our dance we practised it, designed our own war paint and performed it in front of our African garden. Carol said “It was very embarrassing!” Mrs Green recorded it to be used in an assembly so watch this space! (The year 6s have had a sneaky peek!)

In arts week we had some visitors they helped us to make 2 films about growing. One of the films is about a time machine which turns you into what you want to be when you are older. The other film was abo8t how trees and people grow the same way. The visitors were from a company called  B creative.  Cailtin said “They were very helpful”, Patrick said “we learned a lot about technical cameras, equipment and sound effects.

In arts week we have been making bird shooers to scare away the birds from our key hole garden. The birds have eaten all of our plants and crops! In the challenge the shooers had to be waterproof and somehow scare the pesky birds away!  Mrs Green gave us a box and  we could only use the items in the box! It was a competition – we worked in groups and adults watched us and feedback about team work they saw! Lilyrose’s group won with their design and teamwork  – they won a merit mark! If you want to see our designs have a look at the key hole garden were they are scaring birds. (Hopefully!)

Back to normal work next week. (Niall says yippee!) Bye for now 4a fans .SAM_1487