Arty Antics In Reception!

Seals and Penguins have had another very busy week. This week has been arts week the children have had lots of opportunities to take part in a wide variety of art activities. P1040227 P1040228

We worked together to create large piece of art work which we have hung in our early years outside classroom. If you have not already seen it please come and have a look. We used recycled materials to create it, so decided to call our piece ‘Trash to Treasures’. The children were very good at sorting the materials by type following on from our recycling topic earlier in the year. We think you will agree that the children have worked very hard and let their creativeness flow to create a piece of work that not only they are proud of but we all are too.

We were very lucky to have Emily join us for the morning on Wednesday. She is an glass artist. She worked with each of us to create a glass tile. Each child stuck little glass beads onto their tile. Emily has taken them away to fire them in her kiln. We are very excited to see what they look like when they return. What will the heat of the kiln done to them?

The children all became art critics this afternoon. We looked at all the amazing art that has been happening around the school. The children became very good at appreciating other peoples work.

Here are some of their comments:

Leigh: “I like this one cause it has got the library on it and that’s where I go to do my trainning” Looking at Year 1’s work

Chelsea: “I like the way they used lots of different colour bottle tops” Something Fishy by Nursery

Caiden: “I like that one best because they made it into something, its a crocodile with eyes.” Looking at Messages in Bottles.


P1040211 P1040221

The children created some very detailed observational paintings this week using water colours.

Seal followers please also read Penguins blog to find out about the exciting visitors we had in earlier in the week.