Arts Week

Hello Penguin and Seals followers

We are doing a joint post this week as we have all been ‘Shareators’ working together to create some fantastic dragon art for arts week.

It started with us taking part in a ‘circus skills’ workshop where we had to mime and imagine we were at the circus taking part in lots of circus activities! The children loved this and thought it was really fun to pretend to run away from the circus lion and pretend they were clowns.
We then had a story about Marmaduke the dragon. He was different from all the other dragons but in the end realised he was a special dragon and made a friend called Meg. The children were really creative and made some fabulous plasticine models of him! We also made a huge collage of Marmaduke which we displayed in the art exhibition.

On Thursday we had the ‘StoryCellar’ into our classes to help us create and perform the story of the ‘Snail and the Whale’. Seals created and performed the first part of the story and Penguins did the second part. The children created snails and children using newspaper. They then used their imagination to act out the story. At the end of the performance the children acted out their own stories in the story square.

Thanks to all the parents and carers who came in this week to share arts week, the children were really excited to perform and play with you.

Have a great half term break see you next term!