April Fool!!!

We have had two shorter weeks over Easter but have still covered lots of work.
We finished our book, Varjak Paw, and wrote to the author SF Said to ask him if he would visit us. We would love to find out what inspired him to write and how we could become authors too. We are going to start his sequel after the holiday.
We are looking at fractions of numbers in maths and Mrs. Charles is very pleased with our progress. We finished learning about the digestive system in science and played a good game about it.

Lastly, we had a phone call this morning to say that a newspaper was coming in to take photos of us but they couldn’t show the school logo. Therefore, Mrs. Charles asked us to wear our jumpers back-to-front to hide it! We did! it turned out to be an April Fool’s prank! We shall be ready next year!
Have a great holiday and we shall see you soon.