Anti-Bullying Week! – In 3a Kindness Counts!!

Hello friends!

This week we’ve been finding out which year group is the kindest. We have all been giving each other kindness tokens each time someone has been kind to us. These represent how kind poeple have been all week! Mrs Chaffy also read us all a story called ‘Something about a bully.’ It was very interesting.

Now that we have finished coding in Scratch, we have started typing up our persuasive texts getting ready for our campaigns next week to save our greenfield places from being bulldozed down! (PS We have a new challenge letter from the Demolition Company and we have to convince them when they visit on the 3rd of December otherwise they will bulldoze down our Parks & Woods!)

This week in Maths we’ve been working on some challenges including getting down to zero from 1000 using 5 different 3 digit numbers.

In English we have been developing our descriptive language skills by describing EVIL characters. Watch this space for more next week….