Animal visitors and Arts Week!

Wow what a busy week Penguins and Seals have had!

We started the term with a visit from Lloyd and Rose with some baby barn owls and their starling ‘Archie’.  The children had a fabulous time meeting the owlets and learning about how baby owls grow.  Luna and Lily were only one month old and were trained with a beeper box so when they heard the beap they knew to go to their handler to get their food!  Archie the starling was very clever and very tame he was trained to fly on command and Lloyd got him to fly from Rose onto Mrs Stacey’s head! The children got very excited and thought this was very funny.

On Tuesday we then had a visitor from Farmer Nick who brought in some eggs and an incubator.  We are going to watch carefully for 21 days and count down until the chicks hatch.  The children found out that chick eggs need to be kept warm and have water so that the chicks can grow inside them.  Come and have a look they are in our classroom.

Take a look at Seals blog to see what we did for arts week too.  All week we have been busy creating our art installation ‘Trash to Treasure’.  It is proudly displayed in our outside area under the cover and looks fantastic! We walked around the school to look at all the art produced and felt very proud of Bournville Primary and our budding artists.

Please make sure you keep reading regularly to your children at home and get them practising reading and spelling their tricky words.  We are having a big push now for the final term and the children learn so well with practise, practise, practise – your help impacts so much!!!

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