Anglo Saxons have arrived…

Hiya 6b fans!

This week we have learnt so many great new things as our new topic is Anglo Saxons. This is an amazing topic for us to learn. We like this topic so much that we decided to get into groups and choose a mini topic to research and then tell the class to help with our reports the next day. On Friday we put our new knowledge together and wrote non-chronological reports.

In maths this week we have been learning about measurements such as length and weight. We really enjoyed these lesson because we know much more about measuring and how to convert between different units of measure.

Our new topic also links with our new book called Beowulf because it is an Anglo Saxon story. We have been exploring the meanings of unknown words within the text by using a dictionary to write the meaning and create a glossary.

Your reporters this week have been Lilygrace, Caitlyn M, Lily-Rose and Katie.