An update from 4b

At the end of last term we had an open morning about being safe on line. Thank you to the grown ups that visited and assisted us. There were activities to help us think about things we should and shouldn’t do to stay safe. We did word searches, completed a footprint showing what we have used on line, discussed what information we could share and who it was safe to share with and we thought about why the internet was useful and what we could improve when we are on line to ensure we stay safe. Here are a few photos of the finished activities:

















Our text this term is Varjak Paw. I like it so far. Varjak has just left his grandpa behind and the black cats have hurt his grandpa. Varjak didn’t want to go but his grandpa made him. Varjak has now gone off on his journey. We have written our predictions about what we think will happen in the text.

In maths, we are working on multiplication. In science , we have been learning about teeth. We have carried out an investigation to see what  affect different liquids have on teeth. My prediction is that coke will be bad for the enamel. Look out for our next blog when we might have the results.

    Blog by Oscar