An eventful first week back!

Wow, what a week! Year 5 have been non stop this week with all the exciting activities we have had provided for us. 

We have been lucky enough to enjoy a session with Harold the Giraffe and the Life Bus team. We learn about drugs, those that are illegal and those that are not. The different between medical drugs and non medical drugs.

Later on in the week, we enjoyed a session of Yoga, experiencing the different moves and the importance of breathing. It was great fun!

Bring on Charlie and the chocolate factory! Some of us have had our costume fittings and we are just starting to learn the songs and dances. The next few weeks will be filled with more rehearsals getting us performance ready.

We are construction ready! After a very enjoyable visit from the construction company Wilmott Dixon we now know more about what it takes to build buildings. We played a game where each person took on a different role in building a project and worked together to be the best team at creating the building with the correct tools and supplies.

In our curriculum subjects we have started putting our measurement skills into practice by learning about perimeter. English has seen us create our own chocolate machines and explain how they create our wonderful chocolate creations.