All things Roman!


Last week we visited the Roman museum fortress in Caerleon, Wales. In the museum there were some Roman soldiers with all their equipment, Roman coins and mosaics. It was amazing!

We went to see the ruins of the Roman Baths, it was a lovely place with lots of things to do. We even pretended to be roman children at an Ancient Roman school (the boys would have been hit with a stick if they didn’t do their work!) and the girls relaxed on the sofa while the boys had the learn. Just before we had to leave, we visited the Roman Amphitheatre where there many entrances, one was used for the animals that they used to fight.

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In the Roman barracks there were four bunk beds. Eight soldiers lived together, cooked and slept there while they were in the army.

We have also written some great poems about a journey on Roman trading ship (based on our book ‘Roman Quests’). To help us get ideas we went to Weston seafront and pier. We wrote down our best ideas to use in our poems. We made sure we included onomatopoeia, simile, alliteration and repetition. Now we are practicing reading them in an interesting way for a poetry performance. Can’t wait!