All aboard!!

The highlight of the week was a trip on a steam train. To help  us understand what it would have been like to be evacuees, we dressed up and pretended we were leaving a town to go and stay in the countryside. Some of us were lucky enough to get chosen to stay with families at our destination. However, the billeting officer said the rest of us would have to stay in tents! Back at school, we used the experience to write an evacuee diary entry.

Can you tell from our faces how we thought real evacuees would feel?










In maths, we have continued to look at number and place value. We can easily and or take away 10 and 100. 

Our spellings have focused on homophones. Their are two many ways too spell sum things!

British values were discussed and we thought about how we had voted for our class councillors because we value democracy. Having Amelia and Marshall, our class councillors,  represent us is a way of having our voices heard. We also linked us agreeing to our class rules as being a fair and democratic way of having expectations that keep us all safe and help us do our best learning. We finished with a circle time where we each shared something that we would like to change, either about ourselves or others,  so that we can better respect each others rights.

6 members of our class, Jordan, Beth, Lily, Liam, Kira and Julia participated in a science day on Thursday. They were with children from another school and learned about underwater science. Jordan said it was good fun!