Ahoy me hearties…It’s a pirates life in nursery this week!

This week in nursery the children have been learning about pirates. We have enjoyed stories like “Pirate Pip” and “We’re going on a treasure hunt”.

The children have been practicing their cutting skills to create their own treasure maps on ancient pirate paper. Tanisha said “Aha I am a pirate and I am going to get treasure”.

The whole crew took part in a write dance session. This is where children make large scale marks on paper on the floor to a themed story. This helps children to use their imagination and create marks for a purpose and it also promotes good pencil control as they use their shoulder, elbow and wrist pivots. Most importantly it is really good fun.

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The children have really enjoyed the topic of water and their vocabulary is showing that they have enjoyed learning new words. The sea creatures are now on display in the corridor, please come in and take a look. Have a lovely half term break and look out for more nursery news next term.