A wonderful dream by Maisy. (3a)

Yesterday, two actors (Jules and Richard) came into school. They taught us about William Shakespeare, to do that they did a play and WE acted it! The play was called ‘A Midsummer night’s dream’ because it was like dream.

The  characters had funny names like: Bottom, Snout, Flute… and more!

There was a strange wood that had scary noises and weird shaped trees and bushes. Ten people went in the wood and lots of fairies lived there. The King and Queen fairy (played by myself and Brandon) argues a lot about a human boy!

The clothes were amazing!!! The King and Queen fairy wore green leaf togas and the Duke and Queen of the normal world (not the wood) wore bright clothes.

Everybody got a part even if they didn’t get to talk! Like sounds of the trees… we all had fun.

My favourite part was when Bottom turned into half man half donkey. It was funny.  I also liked it when the fairies didn’t fight! I loved it because there was a romantic marriage ay the end.

I hope you like my blog, Maisy in 3a.