A winning week!

Hello 6b fans,

We hope that you enjoyed a safe Bonfire Night. In the class this week we researched and read about Guy Fawkes and the traditions of Bonfire night.

In numeracy we have been stretching our knowledge of number and learning different methods of multiplication. We has mastered the grid method and the long method.

Elliot said “I found the grid method tricky at the beginning of the week, but I get it now!”

Luke was surprised that the long method wasn’t as long as he first expected!

We continued to work on our class novel Skellig. This week we worked in small groups to practise drama techniques, working to show the movement of the characters, as well as this we added music to the drama.

This week we are the proud winners of Turn up Ted with an outstanding attendance of 100%!

Enjoy weekend-maybe you are going to watch the carnival?

Have fun 6b fans 🙂