A whole lot of news!

This week in English, we have spent a lot of time looking at and discussing newspaper reports. Today, we have been planning our newspaper reports, ready to write them next week. We have learnt about the 5w’s. These are: who, what, where, when and why. We have read more of Varjak Paw and unfortunately, Tam has vanished! Razor, the evil cat, attacked Varjak Paw. Poor Varjak.







We have also got a new better reading record of 22 minutes and 39 seconds which is 1minute and 2seconds more than last time. We can’t wait until next time to see if we can beat our score again.

We have moved on to weight in maths. We have estimated the weight of different objects and then weighed them too. We have also spent time converting from g to kg and kg to g. We have realised that to do this, we need to be really confident at x and ÷ by 1000. We have learnt the rule of the digits jumping 3 spaces to the left or right and this has really helped us.

Yesterday was World Book Day and we dressed up. We had lots of differnt characters in the classroom including Elsa, Minnie and Mickey Mouse, a pirate and a monkey. Imogen came to school as the queen of hearts with the craziest hair ever!

Today, Cole got his bronze. Well done Cole!!!

We are excited that we have TWO trips next week. One to Weston College and the other to London. Make sure you check in with us next week to hear all about these trips!