A very busy but fun week!

In writing, we wrote a diary entry as Juba. After reading more of our text, ‘Roman Quest’, we did some role play to imagine ourselves on a Roman street. Here we are taking a walk ..








Then, we wrote a description of a Roman street using prepositional phrases and using our senses.

In maths, we partitioned into hundreds, tens and units and looked out how many 1s, 10s and 100s were in 3 digit numbers. We counted in 50s and  100s. Also, we looked at which number was the odd one out and we had to explain why. Mrs Paddon was very impressed with the mathematical language that we are starting to use. Today we played, Always, Sometimes, Never and we figured out if you add 7 to any number ending with an 8, the answer will always end in a 5.

For history, we analysed and compared written accounts about Claudius to decide why he invaded Britain.  We solved the equation:

WCI (why Claudius invaded) = L + S + C + M + F    but we decided we would add P.  Do you know why?

In art, we made mosaics.