A Quiver Full Of Arrows!

This week, some of the children in Y3/4 were chosen to take part in an archery workshop here at school. There were students from the other co-operative schools there too and it was great fun. Some of us managed to hit the target but not the bullseye, unfortunately! We would love to do more arrow wielding in the future so we hope you are reading this Miss. Wright!

We have continued to read our book, Varjak Paw and written a discursive piece of writing about the dilemmas he faces. Mrs. Charles was impressed with our knowledge!
In maths, we have concentrated on solving problems involving money, with lots of calculations! We are making many improvements and getting better at finding change.


Some of us worked as a group to do some investigating and we preferred to sit on the floor!
Most of us, however, worked in more traditional ways!





We had a good sporting week too, as we won the sporting trophy for KS2! Well, we are sharing it but we don’t mind!
Have a lovely weekend.