A new class member!

This week was anti-bullying week and all classes created a buddy. We decided ours would be a green thought bubble as previously we have learned that ‘green thoughts’ help us be brave, confident and happy. Our buddy had a big smile to show it was friendly, kind hands, was soft and cuddly and full of love. We all wrote a green thought – a thought about how we could help others be happy and ensure there was no bullying in our school- and put them inside our buddy. Here are some pictures

img_4495 img_4497


This week we have continued preparations for our Roman museum which will be happening next Wednesday. We do hope you’ll come along and see what we have created.

In English, we have been learning about poetry. We have created some group poems which included similes, onomatopoeia and alliteration.

Today we dressed in spots to support Children in Need.