This Monday, we held our Hannukah day.  It is a Jewish festival of light.  It is on for 8 days and is a very exciting festival.  We painted our dreidels we made on Friday, played with them for raisins, had a storyteller tell us a Jewish story and we had a dance workshop.  We also tasted tasty Jewish food like honey puffs, potato latkes and star biscuits with jam and hot chocolate.  The day was so much fun that Mia said she felt she wasn’t learning.  But we all know she was!  We learned Hebrew (language of the Jews) such as l’chaim and mazel tov.  They mean cheers and good luck.

Charlie really enjoyed playing dreidels and winning against Mia and Brooke!

Connor liked painting the dreidels.

Gypsy enjoyed Jewish dancing.

Echo Opera news- we have learned about themes through playdough so we will next week be choosing the theme for our opera!

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