A few new faces – another day of new adventures!

Today has been another fab day at Call of the Wild. We were joined today by 4 of the girls who didn’t come on the week along with Mr Matthews! Today was all about gorge walking and rock climbing.  On the Gorge we had to trek up river towards a waterfall. We climbed through tight spaces, scrambled over large wet boulders and ended the experience with a jaw dropping jump off a fast flowing waterfall.

Back at the car park the rest of us climbed a 100ft crag! We all had to face our fears and climb up the rock rocks and cracks! There are definitely some spidey feet among us!

This evening was topped off with a guest appearance from local singer Bronwyn who many of us recognised from the voice, we joined her in singing round the campfire some well known tunes before toasting a few yummy marshmallows – what a beautiful end to a fantastic day.  image image image image image image image image trim.28D64CBB-99F8-45AD-9122-FAC91A67D420