A fantastic feast of a week!

DSCF5480 DSCF5481

On Monday 1b walked to the Pavilion restaurant. The lovely staff looked after us and cooked us a wonderful scrumptious meal. We had a choice of sausage and mash or pasta. We even had a pudding, we could choose from ice-cream or fresh fruit. The waitress took our orders and the chef  cooked our food.

On Tuesday our writing skills were put to use and we made thank you cards for the staff at the Pavilion.

In numeracy we have been improving our learning when using money. In literacy we have been finding more information out about Grace and how she might feel.

We are lucky enough to have a new grown up in our class to help us, her name is Mrs Adlam.

Today we have been finding our all about teeth and how to keep them healthy.

Our helping hands this week have been Tia and Chelsea.