A busy week in Seals

This week in Seals we went on a listening walk around our school. We heard lots of different sounds some of which were whistles  blowing, footprints stamping and doors slamming.

In Phonics we have been superstars at sound talking and we are brilliant at blending.

In the creative area we have been making hats and masks using balloons.

We were very lucky this week as we were invited  to watch KS2 in Beauty and the Beast. We loved it !

A big thankyou to all the grownups who have come to the maths and phonics intervention this week to learn all about the things we learn in Seals and Penguins. We hope to see more grownups joining us soon.

We will be bringing home our new books,  reading records and sight words this week for us to look at and practice over the holiday.

Please can we all bring our P.E kits when we come back to school as we will be having P.E on Monday afternoons.Thankyou and have a lovely half term.